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About us

The world in the future will be one driven by great, innovative technologies; one in which blockchain technology is applied at scale in almost every industry.

GHA Foundation(GHA) is headquartered in Singapore and has members spread across China, the United States, France, Australia, Singapore and several other countries.

GHA focuses on integrating the hemp industry with blockchain technology through various applications.

GHA will develop vertically integrated trading platforms for hemp, carbon dioxide extracting CBD, biosynthetic CBG, pet supplies, carbon trading, healthcare products, building materials, textiles, alternative plastics, GHA token circulation, and other applications where consensus mechanisms can be used such as for trading and traceability.

Under the regulation of governments and other relevant organizations, GHA is utilizing the latest planting, harvesting, biosynthesis technologies and integrating this with blockchain applications to build an online & offline vertically integrated industry chain.

Our Team

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Co Founder

Luke Mckill



Senny Lu



Zeb Giacominini



Paul Shighman



Evan Changh



T.K Yang

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